Jagon API

It's time we automate religion the way we automate everything else !


They tried the API !

“Since I started using the Jagon API, I found automated peace in my heart and mind !”


“Now I can automatically confess to Jagon when I write PHP code, and be automatically pardonned !”


“That's the most interesting idea of this century !”


“The Jagon API might be the best thing that ever happened in my life ! At least it doesn't judge me when I confess !”


“Thanks to the Jagon API, I can now sacrifice things all day long and with great response time !”


“Finally a way to automate my religious extremism without the NSA knowing ! Thanks Jagon API !”


Goals and Use Cases

“What's the point ?”
Well the point is, you can actually automate your faith. You'll never feel bad again for not confessing, not praying, or even not sacrificing enough lambs. All of this can now be automated ! Simply call the API, feel better, get back to work !

API Documentation

  • favoritePray

    In case you want to automate your prayers.

    POST pray

  • favoriteSacrifice

    Just in case you want to sacrifice something.

    POST sacrifice { "what": "lamb" }

    POST sacrifice { "what": "my neighbour" }

  • favoriteConfess

    Want to confess something ? Automatically be pardonned !

    POST confess { "confession": "I lied." }

    POST confess { "confession": "I lied again." }

  • favoritePraise

    Just in case you want to praise

    POST praise

  • infoProphet

    Get some information about the current prophet.

    GET info/prophet

  • infoApostles

    Get some information about the current apostles.

    GET info/apostles